Some odd products on the market today!

What' next? Flavoured nail polish remover!

What' next? Flavoured nail polish remover!

With recession talk abound, you would think that the product development teams at Revlon would be more cautious with what they introduce into the market. Unless their team consists of 12 year old girls. Their most recent product drop is Scented Nail Polish! Maybe 12 year olds are the only ones with disposable income these days. This is what they had to say about their product: “The 8 shades are inspired by the freshness of exotic summer fruits and infused with succulent tropical scents. Each fruit shade has a matching fruit scent when the enamel is dry.”

If only RiRi had heard of this product before “Umbrella” and you have been standing in her “Shuellas“. The brainchild of Chicago designer Rebecca Miller, Shuellas slip over your shoes to protect them when it’s rainy out, and fit into a small bag when it’s not.
They also look like a rubber version of 80%20 boots which you cannot complain about. I guess these are every girl’s answer to the man’s galoches, and your Miu Miu’s will thank you for this.

Your shoes' best friend

Your shoes' best friend

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