Makeup-nomics and some woman named Michelle O.

Good Bye Lipstick Index, Hello! Foundation index. The “Foundation index” appears ready to overtake the “Lipstick index” as barometer of economic activity. Leonard Lauder’s Lipstick Index has long been thought to be a dogma in the world of makeup-nomics, and is defined as the phenomenon of lipstick sales rising as the recession worsens. Today’s Financial Times reported that flawless skin is replacing the perfect pout as a woman’s answer to tough times, with liquid foundation supplanting lipstick as the essential item in make-up bags in the recession. The stress of the recession must be causing bad skin because “women plump for a layer of foundation as a pick-me-up in gloomy times, rather than a dash of lipstick.”

In other news (somewhat related to the economy through her husband), Michelle Obama has gone where no other first lady has gone before. She went out and got herself a full-time make-up artist to be a permanent part of her entourage. The New York Post reported today that Mrs. Obama hired Ingrid Grimes-Miles to accompany her as her full-time maker-upper. Find a detailed breakdown of Ms. Grimes-Miles’ work below (Maybe those lashes are by Shu Uemura!):

First Lady Made Up

First Lady Made Up


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