A rose made with leather, still looks as sweet

A rose made with leather, still looks as sweet

Much to the dismay of PETA activists everywhere, Leather is back with a vengeance for this fall. On the runway, cow-hide was used on everything from leather leggings, elbow-length leather gloves, over-the-knee leather boots, leather motorcycle jackets and many more. Even fine adornments for your necks and fingers got tapped by the leather fairy’s wand. Maiden Art, Italian Design house ran by Maristella Colombo and Gabriele Negri, displayed a jewelry collection with leather as the centerpiece: The cow-hide was laser cut and shaped in to collar necklaces, folded origami-style on gift-bow brooches and rings, and sculpted into small and large pendant roses (above). Their jersey leggings with glossy leather ankle bow ties are also wonderful and deserve much respect. Some other looks (with good uses of leather) off the runways are shown below:

In other fun, and related, news: While the use of cow-hide might be up, Alligator Farmers from Louisiana are not happy with the lack of love from Gucci, Versace, and Louis Vuitton, as they have not been buying alligator skins. The population of alligators on these farms is growing beyond bearable numbers, and looks to continue as the recession takes it’s toll on alligator purchases.


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