The wave of the future: Airbrushing!

Airbrushed Face at Trovata

Airbrushed Face at Trovata

I feel like we are being visited by the ghosts of airbrushing past and future. After discussing the first instance of cosmetic airbrushing, here we bring you exciting news from Temptu. At recent runway shows for Trovata’s and Devi Kroell’s ready to wear collections as well as backstage for Dressed to Kilt, models were seen getting their make-up did sans brushes, sponges, and wands. Instead, make-up artist had at their disposal liquid foundations, liquid blush, and liquid highlighters, which were being loaded into handheld devices and sprayed onto celebrities’ and models’ bodies and faces by a team of professionals from Temptu cosmetics. “It just gives the most natural finish,” lead artist JP McCary said of the high-definition method, as he softly applied a pink blush to socialite Hayley Bloomingdale’s cheek. Temptu is working on a portable model of the kit below, that might become a staple on the vanity of every fashionista in the not-so-distant future: perfect accessory when you need to look like a flawless centerfold in the comfort of your own home.
Temptu Airbrush Kit (Even smaller model in the works)

Temptu Airbrush Kit (Even smaller model in the works)

In other news, Nars Cosmetics just released their summer line, and their island-inspired wares are a must have for the summer.


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