Nefertiti: True beauty or bust?

Ancient Definition of Beauty? or just good Airbrushing

Ancient Definition of Beauty? or just good Airbrushing

Much has been made of the beauty of Nefertiti, the bust found in the studio of Thutmose (the royal sculptor to the pharaoh Akhenaten) in 1912; The symmetry and fine facial features of Nefertiti have often had historians and lay-folk refer to her as the Mona Lisa of the ancient world. As it turns out, she might just have been the world’s first air-brushed women (long before Kim Kardashian’s little airbrush accident for Complex). Recent analyses of the bust by Alexander Huppertz, director of the Imaging Science Institute in Berlin. A CT scan showed that inside the outer stucco face, there is a delicately carved face in the limestone core of the famous bust of Nefertiti depicting her in her true form; This suggests that the royal sculptor at the time may have smoothed creases around the mouth and fixed a bumpy nose to depict the ‘Beauty of the Nile’ in a better light. The original face also had less prominent cheekbones, and less depth at the corners of the eyelids. Dr. Huppertz stated that ‘It is possible that the bust of Nefertiti was commissioned (by her husband) to represent Nefertiti according to his personal perception,’ and thereby bringing to the world the first instance of a man paying someone to make his wife look prettier.
Inner Beauty? I think not


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